Simon HollandResearch Themes
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Research Themes

Human Computer Interaction and Pervasive Interaction

I am interested Human Computer Interaction and finding new ways to build systems that are simpler, more powerful, more engaging,more empowering, more illuminating, or more challenging. Examples include Harmony Space, the Haptic Bracelets, the Haptic Drum Kit, the Audio GPS, and Direct Combination.

Music Computing

I am interested in any area related to music and computing, particularly empowering musicians, illuminating musical activities, and modelling music perception and cognition. In particular,this involves devising and investigating new ways to:
Empower beginners to engage deeply with musical activities,
Provide new musical tools and capabilities,,
Cast new light on how music works

Health, Well-being and HCI

Including Wearable and mobile systems for rehabilitation; systems for home based health and wellness measurement, monitoring and therapy; and self help systems for chronic conditions.

Embodied Cognition

One source of power in common to good interaction design and good explanation is the appropriate use of Embodied Cognition. Many of my research projects exploit this set of resources in different ways. Here are three example projects. Embodied Cognition and Interaction Design, Embodied Cognition and Music, and Taking Explanation Seriously

Technology Enhanced Learning

I am interested in how technology can be used as part of wider strategies to help people gain deep understanding of, and enthusiasm for, new skill areas. Domains where this can work well include musical skills, programming, mathematics, quantum mechanics and physics. These are fertile places to apply insights from embodied cognition. Several of my Projects explore these areas.

Older People and Technology

I a founder member of the Older People and Technology Research Group. We are interested in finding ways to extend the time during which older people can live independently and participate in society radically improving the usability, accessibility and adaptability of technology by developing new approaches that
facilitate older people in maintaining and extending their social networks of family, community and carers,
place older people, with the assistance of their nominated helpers, more in control of the supporting technology.

Some of the above research has the common theme of Taking Explanation Seriously