Simon HollandResearch Grants
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Research Grants

External Research Funding


The Polifonia Project 2021-2024 €3,025,435. A digital harmoniser for Musical Heritage Knowledge (€ 484,936 to the OU), EU Horizon 2020. Enrico Daga is Open University PI and Enrico Motta, Paul Mulholland and Simon Holland are Co-Is. The Project involves 10 collaborating partners from Italy, the Netherlands, France and Ireland, and 10 stakeholders including the Bibliothèque Nationale de France and the Stables Theatre in Wavendon. This new project will design, implement and evaluate innovative multimodal haptic and gestural interaction techniques for music, with particular attention to inclusion for diverse disabilities, including profound deafness.
This project is highly synergistic with both the Creative and Performing Arts Digital Inclusion project below and the Happie Haptic authoring pipeline project below.

Creative and Performing Arts Digital Inclusion

Creative and Performing Arts Digital Inclusion £5000 2021. Simon Holland and Paul Mulholland. Grant from the Stables Theatre Milton Keynes for Research into Technologically Mediated Disability Inclusion in the Arts

HAPPIE ( Haptic Authoring Pipeline for the Production of Immersive Experiences)

Happie 2019- 2021, £998,538. Happie ( Haptic Authoring Pipeline for the Production of Immersive Experiences) Audience of the Future - Creative touch, Design prototyping, Innovate UK, Lisa Bowers (PI), Simon Holland and Janet Van der Linden with Generic Robotics Ltd, Sliced Bread Animation and Numerion Software.

Haptic Bracelets

2017-2020 Goldcrest Foundation personal donation £74,358 to fund PhD studentship in Digital Health

Assistive Technologies

2016- 2017 Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Centre Network, Assistive Technologies – Reducing Social Isolation to support recovery, health and wellbeing – With Rachel Stockley and Josie Tetley. Manchester Metropolitan University. £29,997.00, of which £13,673 for OU Intern 4 Months

Haptic Technology for Rehabilitation

2016- 2020 PJ Neurological Care Homes Gift in Kind to assist in development Haptic Technology for Hemiparetic Stroke, Brain Trauma and Self-Managed Rehabilitation. Donation in kind (access to nationwide facilities, physiotherapists, neuropsychologists and clinicians over 5 years — equivalent value estimated at £80,000.

"Older People and Technological inclusion: multidisciplinary perspectives on contemporary realities and aspirations" £14,007 ESRC with C.Holland (HSC), J.Tetley Prof S.Peace (HSC), J.Hughes, Prof C.Bissell (ICT), V.Weights. 2010 - 202.

OPT-In: Older People and Technological Innovations (GRP/09/130C)
€23,000 EU Grundtvig Programme. With Josie Tetley, Verina
Waights, Caroline Holland, Jonathan Hughes (HSC) and Age Concern, in collaboration with University of Maribor, Slovenia; University of Stirling, Scotland; Technical University of Dortmund (Germany), and Verwey-Jonker Instituut (Netherlands). 2009 - 2011.

E-Sense Project ‘Extending our sense and self through designing novel technologies’.
Awarded by AHRC. Starts 1st Sept. 2008. Co-investigator with Prof Yvonne Rogers, Open University and Prof Andrew Clark, University of Edinburgh. £200,000 (FEC). Also Technical Director and Development Manager for this research. 2008 – 2010.

‘Multimedia Interface Design in Education’. £15,000 awarded by NATO Science Committee to run NATO Advanced Study Workshop on Multimedia Interface Design in Education as part of Advanced Educational Technology Programme, September 1989. With Alistair Edwards. 1989 - 1990.