Simon HollandTeaching
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Virtual MPhil in Computing
M801 Research Project and Dissertation
M255 Object-oriented programming with Java 2003 – 2012
M250 Object Oriented Principles in Java
M256 Software development with Java 2005 - present
M878 Object-oriented software development 1998 – 2000
M206 Computing: An object-oriented Approach 1995 – 2005
M868 Object-Oriented Software Technology 1992 – 1996
M867 Human Computer Interaction
COMP 3800 Computing: An Object-Oriented Introduction 1999 – 2000
M205 Fundamentals of Computing

M206 Computing: An Object-Oriented Approach

I played a crucial leading role at the Open University in devising the teaching strategy, learning materials and software tools behind M206, the course which led the Open University's move to object-oriented programming for undergraduate teaching in the mid- nineties. M206 was a hugely influential course. It won the prestigious British Computing Society IT Award and the Design Council Millennium Innovation Award. In eight presentations, the course attracted 35,000 students in the UK, Singapore, USA and Arab OU.

Human Computer Interaction

I authored six chapters of ‘Human Computer Interaction’, published by Addison Wesley. The book was the worldwide best seller in HCI for many years. This book formed the core of subsequent OU teaching in HCI, and played a major role in establishing the OU’s international reputation in HCI.