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Software, Audio, Video, TV, Performance


1 Tuio for Squeak

Tuio for Squeak enables tangible user interaction based on video tracking of physical objects.
This package offers an implementation of the Tuio protocol, a Tuio client and Tuio demonstration programs to work with the reacTIVision computer vision system for tracking physical objects in real time. Tuio for Squeak allows the construction of tangible user interfaces using fiducial markers on physical objects. This allows the rapid development of table-based tangible user interfaces (TUI) and multi-touch interactive surfaces. By Simon Holland.

2 Open Sound Control for Squeak (version 5.5.1)

OSC (Open Sound Control), here implemented for Squeak, is a vital component in many music computing and pervasive interaction systems.
Open Sound Control for Squeak version 5.5. includes enhancements, fixes & new unit tests to support bundles, intensive input & the Tuio protocol for Reactivision, and new unit tests.
This software now forms part of the tool kit underpinning research prototypes and demos for the OU Pervasive Interaction Research Group. Revisions of original code by Markus Gaelli. (4028 downloads as of Jan 2010)

3 AspectMusic

This project devised, and now continues to refine and investigate, ways in which Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) and Multi-Dimensional Separation of Concerns (MDSOC) approaches can be applied to the organization of musical materials for the purposes of music composition and musical analysis.
AspectMusic source code by Pat Hill, co-supervised by Simon Holland and Robin Laney.

Television Programmes

• The Front Desk, a 30 minute TV programme about Human Computer Interaction. This OU/BBC television programme, which included contributions from Ben Shneiderman, Donald Norman and Bruce Tognazzini, has been widely used in classroom teaching at Universities around the world, including Imperial College, and re-used by all OU HCI courses (M867, M873 and M364) since it was made. Kilgour and Minocha, in a 2002 paper, described it as “inspired and inspiring”. Simon Holland was Sole Academic Consultant, and scriptwriter.
• One hour BBC M868 TV programme on Object-Orientation with Alan Kaye (inventor of Smalltalk) and Randy Smith(co-inventor of Self). Simon Holland was Joint academic consultant with Helen Sharp.
• Joint academic consultant on Artware, BBC TV programme on Software for Arts.
• Joint academic Consultant for BBC interactive multimedia CD-ROM: The Object Shop.


This features various prototypes from the Music Computing Lab, including the haptic drum kit and Music Jacket
The Stern Brocot Band (Andy Milne, Simon Holland, Vassilis Angelis) at Queen Mary University playing a piece by Andy in 15-tone equal temperament.


BBC Radio 4 Program on Maths and Music, Interview about HarmonySpace.
BBC Maths Music.mp3

BBC Radio Scotland News item on Harmony Space.
BBC Radio Scotland HSP.mp3

Performance Events

Performance Event in Utrecht

Harmony Space the game, 1990. Two hour embodied participative videoed research game with active participation of some twenty musicians, music computing researchers and artificial intelligence researchers in collaboration with Peter Desain, Henkjan Honing and the Faculty of Art, at the Utrecht Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Utrecht School of Art), 7th March 1990.