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Visitors/ Interns

Interns and Visiting Researchers

The Music Computing Lab runs a highly successful programme for Visiting Research Students and Interns. Below are some visiting research students and interns who I have worked with me. For a longer list of recent interns who have worked at the Lab as a whole, see here. If you are interested, I am happy to discuss possibilities - though please note that you must be self funding, and you should read Visitors and Interns first. Please don't hesitate to get in touch by email (s.holland at-sign-here, or write, or telephone my secretary

Federico Visi

Federico is a highly accomplished researcher in music, interactive systems, performing arts, and visual media. In Fall/Winter 2016 he is working in the Music Computing Lab at the Open University.

Fanny Grassely

Diverse work on Digital Health. Undertook work on writing v3.0 firmware for Haptic Bracelets, running an empirical test of passive learning with the Haptic bracelets, May 2014 – Sept 2014

Kevin Deleaye

Diverse work on Music Computing. Undertook Work on writing v2.0 application programs for Haptic Bracelets, prototyping IMU-based Haptic Bracelet hardware. April 2014 – Oct 2014

Thomas Crevoisier

Diverse work on Music Computing. Wrote firmware for pcb-based Haptic Bracelets and original application program suite. May 2013 – 24 August 2013.

Oliver Hödl

Diverse work on Music Computing. Software engineering oversightfor PCB-based Haptic Bracelets 2013

Maxime Canelli

Diverse work on Music Computing. Stunt microtonal guitarist in Stern Brocot Band. Prototyped Arduino-based Haptic Bracelet hardware and firmware 2012

Dr Anders Bouwer

anders.jpgAnders Bouwer received a PhD from the University of Amsterdam in 2006. In the course of this project he developed the VisiGarp software for inspecting qualitative simulation models in the GARP framework, as well as its successor, WiziGarp. His research interests focus on the use of Artificial Intelligence in education.

Dr Mat Dalgleish

Mat Dalgleish is a Visiting Lecturer in the School of Sport, Performing Arts and Leisure at the University of Wolverhampton, and a PhD candidate within the School of Art and Design at the same university. He received his Masters Degree with Distinction from Coventry University in 2006. His research interests focus on musical interaction with computers, with secondary interests that include hardware hacking and circuit bending, generative music, and procedural video game audio.

Topi Hurtig

Topi Hurtig is based at the University of Tampere and the University of Helsinki, where his studying for a PhD. He is experienced in design and implementation of novel multimodal (speech, tactile, haptic) mobile services, applications and interfaces. His previous projects include a mobile multimodal dialogue system for public transportation navigation.

Fabien Leon

Fabien Leon is based at the UFR Sciences et Techniques in Brest, in the Département Informatique, where he is taking a degree in Ingenierie Informatique. in 2009 he visited ICCMR in Plymouth, and the Music Computing Lab at the Open University, where he completed his project on a brain computer music interface working under the Supervision of Prof Eduardo Miranda at Plymouth and Simon Holland at the Music Computing Lab.

Rosa Fox

Rosa Fox is an undergraduate at the University of Sussex. Rosa succeeded in getting the Music Lab's Axon neural midi tracker to work with an electric bass guitar, and worked out how to create new guitar simulations using the software for our Line 6 guitar. Rosa also carried out essential work on the precursor to the music computing lab website.