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Examining PhDs

I have examined PhDs in the Disciplines of Computer Science, Music, Artificial Intelligence, Psychology, Physics, and the Learning Sciences.

Aug 2010 University of Plymouth Computer Science Alexis Kirke PhD
Dec 2009 Napier University Computing Iain McGregor PhD
Sep 2007 University of York Computer Science Christopher Marriner MPhil
Jan 2006 University of Glasgow Computing Science Craig Nicol PhD
Jun 2006 The Open University Department of Psychology Teresa DillonPhD
Nov 2005 University of Sussex Informatics Harry Brignull PhD
Jul 2005 University of Northumbria Informatics Andrew King PhD
Oct 2004 University of York Informatics L.Phillips MPhil
Dec 2002 University of Leeds Computer-Based Learning Unit Saud Al-Muhaidib PhD
Dec 2001 University of Edinburgh Artificial Intelligence S.Phon-Amnuaisuk PhD
Mar 2000 University of York Computer Science Ben Challis PhD
Mar 1999 The Open University Department of Computing Peter Mitic PhD
Jan 1999 University of Wales Department of Physics M.Saunders PhD
Apr 1992 Aberdeen University Computing Science Martin Stacey PhD
Sep 1991 City University London Department of Music Henkjan Honing PhD