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E-sense Project

The e-sense project is funded by an AHRC speculative research grant and runs from October 2008 - March 2010. In this interdisciplinary research, philosophy and art combine with various flavours of computing: ubiquitous; wearable; and physical.

We are initially rapidly prototyping a range of sensory augmentation devices including:

a minimal tactile vision sensory substitution (TVSS) system;
MusicJacket - a system for training novice violin players using motion capture and vibrotactile feedback;
a Third Eye worn as a ring;
Haptic Drum Kit - a system for teaching drummers polyphonic rhythms;
Locusts - augmenting a multitouch table with vibrotactile feedback to enhance workspace awareness.

Philosophical analysis and artistic exploration inform our design process and user studies of the resulting augmentation devices will reciprocally feedback into these two disciplines.

For more details: