Music and HCIMusic and HCI
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Accepted Workshop Papers

We receommend that all workshop participants familiarise themselves with these papers prior to the workshop in May

[download all pdfs as zip]

Free-Improvised Rehearsal-as-Research for Musical HCI
Charles Martin and Henry Gardner

LiveMAP Design Cards for Technology-Mediated Audience Participation in Live Music
Oliver Hödl, Fares Kayali, Geraldine Fitzpatrick and Simon Holland

Using Game Mechanics to Facilitate Networked Musical Collaboration
Cem Cakmak, Anil Camci and Angus Graeme Forbes

Three Facets for the Evaluation of Musical Instruments from the Perspective of the Musician
Gian-Marco Schmid

Material-Oriented Musical Interaction
Tom Mudd, Simon Holland and Paul Mulholland

Digital Musical Instruments for Participatory Music: Designing Internal Experience
Courtney Brown and Garth Paine

Crossroads: Interactive Music Systems Transforming Performance, Production and Listening
Mathieu Barthet, Florian Thalmann, György Fazekas, Mark Sandler and Geraint Wiggins

Human Computer Interaction meets Computer Music
Marcelo Wanderley, Stéphane Huot, Joseph Malloch, Jérémie Garcia, Wendy Mackay and Michel Beaudouin-Lafon.

Expressive Music Interaction: tools, prototypes and hackathons
Jordi Janer, Frédéric Bevilacqua, Sebastián Mealla, Frederic Font, Sergi Jordà, Emmanuel Fletty, Gaël Dubus and Norbert Schnell

Understanding virtuosi as expert users and celebrating variation as expressive difference in embodied interaction
Atau Tanaka

Broader Perspectives in the Understanding of Musical Expression
Jeff Gregorio, Matthew Prockup, Brandon Morton and Youngmoo Kim

Position Paper: Measuring Users' Cognitive and Affective State to Develop Intelligent Musical Interfaces
Beste F. Yuksel, Kurt B. Oleson, Remco Chang and Robert J.K. Jacob

Dynamic Physical Modeling for Designing Music Interactions
Edgar Berdahl

Mediated Musical Interactions in Virtual Environments
Rob Hamilton

HCI, Music and Audiences: Enabling New Performance Contexts by Understanding Experience
Sam Ferguson and Oliver Bown

Thoughts on Virtual Reality Design for Musical Expression
Ge Wang

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