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Analysing Songs

Harmony Space links fundamental concepts in tonal harmony to simple spatial concepts. Consequently it can be used to visually explore analyses that faithfully represent harmonic concepts. At the same time,

When combined with whole-body interaction in the Song Walker version of Harmony Space, beginners are able to enact complex harmonic phenomena in physically simple ways. This approach affords rapid, concrete means of reasoning about and manipulating abstract musical entities and relationships by exploiting intuitions associated with bodily movement and navigation.

Analyses can sound abstract on paper, but are quickly grasped when played actively using Harmony Space, given only examples of a very small number of cultural conventions. Beginners typically get the hang of playing simple songs within seconds, and many start to gain deeper insights within minutes.

Example Analyses

Isnít She Lovely - Stevie Wonder
Pachelbelís Canon
Pachelbel's Cannon - more analytical view
Heart of Gold Neil Young
Sultans of Swing Dire Straits
Suffragette City David Bowie
Honey Pie The Beatles
Scarborough Fair Traditional
All the things you are - Jerome Kern
Giant Steps John Coltrane
Ticket to Ride The Beatles
Hey Jude
Miles Davis Decoy - quartal progressions
Mr Blue Sky - an ingenious harmonic dorian to major modulation
Spirited Away- Quartal Textures
Charlie Parker Swedish Blues

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Giant Steps small.jpgTicket to ride small.jpg

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