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Pachelbelís Canon

Pachelbel's Canon can easily be performed solo, but makes a good team piece.
  • Player one traces the path of the chords. Black notes are switched off.
  • The path starts simply with a diagonal pattern of six moves alternating upward and downward.
  • The pattern is completed with a path of three moves in a straight line to the home location.
  • Then the pattern repeats.
  • Player 3 simply alternates the inversion between second and first inversion for each chord.
  • Player 3 waits for the event before reaching home and alters the chord to a suspended 4th.
A team of three complete beginners can typically can typically learn to play this chord sequence note perfect in 5 - 10 minutes.
pachelbel simple.jpg
Pachelbel's Cannon - more analytical view

Pachelbel small.jpg