Direct CombinationDirect Combination
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  • Holland S. (2005) A First Empirical Study of Direct Combination in a Ubiquitous Environment in People and Computers - XVIII Proceedings of BCS HCI Group Annual Conference Sept 2004, vol. XVIII Springer Verlag pp 229-247. HCI2004HollandDC.pdf
  • Holland, S. (2004) Reflective Composition: the declarative composition of roles to unify objects, roles, & aspects, OOPSLA 2004, Vancouver. OOPSLA 2004 RC Holland Final.pdf OOPSLA 2004 Holland Supplementary.pdf
  • Holland, S., Morse, D.R., Gedenryd, H. (2002) Direct Combination: a New User Interaction Principle for Mobile and Ubiquitous HCI. In Paterno, F., (Ed.) (2002) Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices. Mobile HCI 2002, Springer Verlag LNCS pp. 108-122. DC Holland 2004 Springer.pdf
  • Holland,S., Gedenryd,H., and Morse,D. (2002) Applying Direct Combination to afford spontaneity in Pervasive Computing. UBICOMP 2002 Workshop on Supporting Spontaneous Interaction in Ubiquitous Computing Settings, Gothenburg, Sweden. Spontaneous_TR.pdf
  • Holland, S. and Oppenheim, D. (1999) Direct Combination. In Proceedings of ACM CHI AddisonWesley ISBN 0-201-48559-1. 1999, pp. 262-269. CHI99DC.pdf

Technical Reports

  • Simon Holland (2004) A Simple Taxonomy of Search Reduction in Direct Combination. TR2004/19 Simple Taxonomy DC Holland.pdf
  • Gedenryd, H., Holland,S. Morse, D.R. (2002) Meeting the software engineering challenges of interacting with dynamic and ad-hoc computing environments. TR 2002/08, Computing Dept, Open University, Milton Keynes, MK76AA, UK. Dynamic and ad-hoc.pdf

Longer versions of papers

  • Holland, S. (2003) Ambient Combination: Applying Direct Combination to Afford Spontaneity in Pervasive Computing (Long Version) Unpublished Paper. This paper has useful material on Viewpoints, which have appeared in talks but not in other papers. Ambient Combination Long.pdf
  • Simon Holland, David R. Morse, Henrik Gedenryd (2003) The application of Direct Combination to Mobile and Ubiquitous Human Computer Interaction. Longer version of Mobile HCI 2002 paper. Ambient Combination TR.pdf

Draft Papers on Direct Combination

  • Holland, S. (2004) When is Direct Combination Useful? Unpublished paper. This paper contains useful material not published elsewhere. When is Direct Combination useful.pdf
  • Holland, S. (2004) Extended Direct Combination: recursion, abstraction and other extensions. Unpublished paper. This paper contains useful material not published elsewhere, though some has appeared in talks. Extended Direct Combination.pdf
  • Holland, S. (2004) View points in Direct Combination. Unpublished paper. This paper contains useful material not published elsewhere, though more developed versions have featured in talks Diverse viewpoints in Direct Combination.pdf
The above draft papers contain some information not found elsewhere. Additionally, there are less complete papers from 2004 covering: Issues in n-fold interaction, context-aware interactions, and on framing Direct Combination as a theory.