The Haptic Drum KitThe Haptic Drum Kit
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The Haptic Drum Kit

The Haptic Drum Kit employs four computer-controlled vibrotactile devices, one attached to each wrist and ankle. In the applications discussed here, haptic pulses are used to guide the playing, on a drum kit, of rhythmic patterns that require multi-limb co-ordination. The immediate aim is to foster rhythm skills and multi-limb coordination. A broader aim is to systematically develop skills in recognizing, identifying, memorizing, retaining, analyzing, reproducing, and composing polyphonic rhythms. Three different theories cast interesting light on this approach: the work of the music educator Dalcroze (1865-1950; the entrainment theory of human rhythm perception and production; and sensory motor contingency theory. The paper below reports on a design study and identifies and discusses a variety of emerging design issues. The study demonstrates that beginning drummers are able to learn intricate drum patterns from haptic stimuli alone usisng this new tool.

Holland,S., Bouwer,A, Dalgleish,M. and Hurtig, T. (2010) Feeling the Beat where it counts: Fostering Multi-limb Rhythm Skills with the Haptic Drum Kit. In Proceedings of TEI 2010 Boston Cambridge Mass. Oro ID 18900. HapticDrumKitTEI2010.pdf

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