Accepted Position Papers

Digital Drumming: Using Rhythm-Based Tasks for Coordinated Interaction Research
Robert Beaton, Deborah Tatar and Steve Harrison
Virginia Tech
Keywords - Drumming, collaboration, turn-taking, computer agent, coordination, action-based decision-making, rhythm-based tasks.

The Haptic iPod: passive learning of multi-limb rhythm skills
Anders Bouwer, Mat Dalgeish and Simon Holland
University of Amsterdam, University of Wolverhampton, The Open University
Keywords - Haptic interfaces, whole body interaction, rhythm skills, passive learning, music computing.

Song Walker: Embodied Interaction Design for Harmony
Anders Bouwer, Mat Dalgleish and Simon Holland
University of Amsterdam, University of Wolverhampton, The Open University
Keywords - Whole-body interaction, Tonal harmony, Spatial metaphors for music cognition, Music computing

Affecting User Behaviour and Experience with Music: A Research Agenda
Anna Bramwell-Dicks, Helen Petrie, Alistair Edwards and Christopher Power
University of York
Keywords - Music Interaction; Affective Interaction

Beyond Reflexivity: Mediating between imitative and intelligent actions in an interactive music system
Toby Gifford and Andrew Brown
Queensland Conservatorium of Music
Keywords - Interactive Music Systems, Affective Conversational Agent, Human-Computer Interaction

Sound Spheres: the Heuristic Design and Evaluation of a Non-contact Finger-tracking Virtual Musical Instrument
Craig Hughes, Michel Wemelinger and Simon Holland
The Open University
Keywords - Non–contact, Finger-Tracking, Virtual Musical Instrument,music interaction, design heuristics, heuristic evaluation

Prototyping for the Wild: reflections on the design of MuSense a lightweight wearable practice aid for the violin
Rose Johnson, Janet van der Linden and Yvonne Rogers
The Open University
Keywords - Real-time feedback. Motor Learning. Violin. In-the-wild user studies. Prototyping.

Pulsed Melodic Processing - Using Music for natural Affective Computation and increased Processing Transparency
Alexis Kirke and Eduardo Miranda
University of Plymouth
Keywords - HCI, Logic, Neural Networks, Affective Computing, Fuzzy Logic, Computer Music

Towards wearable support for nomadic musicians
Shary V.Kock and Anders Bouwer
University of Amsterdam
Keywords - Wearable computing, Gesture-based interfaces, Whole-body interaction, Mobile music applications

Creative Transformations: How Generative and Evolutionary Music can Inform Music HCI
James McDermott, Dylan Sherry and Una-May O'Reilly
Keywords - Generative music, evolutionary computation, context-free grammar, higher-order functions, musical transformation, human-computer interaction, graphical user interface.

Piano Touch as a Model for Expressive Gestural Interaction
Andrew McPherson and YoungMoo Kim
Drexel University
Keywords - piano, keyboard, gestural interaction, multidimensional sensing, expressive interfaces

Sound synthesis and musical timbre: a new user interface
Alan Seago
London Metropolitan University
Keywords - Timbre, timbre space, HCI, search, sound synthesis.

Live music-making: a rich open task requires a rich open interface
Dan Stowell and Alex MacLean
Queen Mary University of London, University of Sheffield
Keywords - Rich Interfaces, Metaphor, programming languages, live coding, visual programming notation

A Chasing After the Wind: Experience in Computer-supported Group Musicmaking
Ben Swift, Harry Gardener and Alistair Riddell
Australian National University
Keywords - Improvisation, Musicmaking, Measurement

The Instrumental Hobby and Long-Term Engagement with HCI
Isaac Wallis, Todd Ingalls, Ellen Campana and Catherine Vuong
Arizona State University
Keywords - Long-term Engagement. Human-Computer Interfaces. Musical Instruments. Motivation. Hobby.

We can work it out: towards a participatory approach to designing music interactions
Katie Wilkie, Simon Holland and Paul Mulholland
The Open University
Keywords - Music Interaction design, embodiment, conceptual metaphors, image schemas, participatory design

Collaborative music interaction on tabletops: An HCI approach
Anna Xambo, Robin Laney, Chris Dobbyn and Sergi Jorda
The Open University, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Keywords - collaborative music interaction, evaluation, interaction analysis, musical tabletops, real-time music performance