BCS HCI 2011 Workshop - When Words Fail: What can Music Interaction tell us about HCI?BCS HCI 2011 Workshop - When Words Fail: What can Music Interaction tell us about HCI?
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BCS HCI 2011 Workshop - When Words Fail: What can Music Interaction tell us about HCI?

– Deadline for position paper submission extended to Sunday 8th May 2011 –


Northumbria University
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Important Dates

Deadline for position paper submission: 8th May 2011
Notification of acceptance: 20th May 2011
Deadline for final copy of accepted position papers: 2nd June 2011
Workshop date: 4th July 2011

Registration and Accommodation

Conference and workshop registration is now open. Please refer to the information on registration on the conference website for costs and to register for the workshop.

For accommodation and travel options, please refer to the conference website.


Katie Wilkie, Rose Johnson, Simon Holland, The Open Unversity.
{k.l.wilkie, r.m.g.johnson, s.holland} @open.ac.uk

Grégory Leplâtre, Napier University.


This workshop aims to gather together researchers and practitioners working in music interaction and HCI and to consider the start of the art generally, and three other questions, as follows.
  • What new ideas could be fruitfully moved from mainstream HCI to music interaction, and why?
  • What ideas particular to music interaction could be fruitfully moved into mainstream HCI, and why?
  • What does music interaction need or do that contrasts with the needs of mainstream HCI - and how, and why?


Music Interaction is the term used to describe interaction design in the domain of music. Because of the demanding, abstract, non-verbal nature of music, music often makes demands not readily encountered elsewhere. This workshop aims to explore research on any aspect of Music Interaction, exchange ideas, and to collectively reflect on the questions noted above. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, principles, issues, techniques, findings, technologies and projects with wider implications.

Call for Papers

The call for papers is now closed

We welcome participants from the fields of HCI, music computing, pervasive, interaction, tangible interaction, cognitive musicology and other related areas who are actively involved in research in Music Interaction and are willing to reflect on benefits for HCI theory and practice in general. Further information including specific areas of interest and workshop goals can be found in the updated and revised workshop proposal.

If you would like to participate in the workshop, please submit a 4-6 page position paper to the organisers (email addresses above) before the deadline of 8th May 2011. The position paper should use the BCS paper template and clearly identify the key issue being addressed, the approach taken, a summary of any results so far and ideally a discussion of how this research might or might not relate to HCI theory or practice in general. We also welcome submissions where links to wider HCI issues are less direct, given willingness to explore such potential relationships collectively.

Position papers will be subject to peer review. Accepted position papers will be published on the web and included in a third volume of the proceedings.

Additional Information

We are actively exploring a book or journal special issue based on the workshop, subject to the number and quality of submissions.

Useful Information

Paper instructions
BCS paper template