The OPT-In ProjectThe OPT-In Project
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Dissemination and presentations

Project leaflet

Seminar presentations
Members of OPT-in from The Open University and Age UK Milton Keynes gave a presentation in London in May 2011 - Working with older people’s organisations, which was jointly organised by the Centre for Ageing and Biographical Studies and the Centre for Policy on Ageing. Below is the power-point used on the day.

Conference presentations
Tetley, J. Holland, C. Hughes, J. Waights, V. Holland, S. (2010) Older People and Technological Innovations – Lifelong Learning and Applications for Health and Wellbeing. British Society of Gerontology 39th annual conference - Uxbridge. July.

Tetley, J. Holland, C. Nederland, Trudi, Toorn, J van den, Reichert, M. Lis, K. Mason, A. Kokol, P. Blazun, H. Hughes, J. Waights, V. Holland, S. (2010) Older people & technological innovations-lifelong, learning and applications for health and wellbeing. Fourth European Nursing Congress Older Persons: the Future of Care. Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Journal of Clinical Nursing 19 (Supp 1) 91-92.

Working with older people learner statement.doc