Patrick Hill, Simon Holland and Robin Laney

Project Objectives

This project devised, and now continues to refine and investigate, ways in which Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) and Multi-Dimensional Separation of Concerns (MDSOC) approaches can be applied to the organization of musical materials for the purposes of music composition and musical analysis.

Project Description

Aspect Oriented Programming is a generic term applied to an emerging set of technologies that facilitate separation of concerns in programming by enabling developers more easily to manage issues of cross-cutting tangling and scattering in programming and software development. While musical composition is quite different from programming or software development, nevertheless, at an abstract level, commonalities and common issues can be identified, making it useful to investigate the adaption and application of AOP techniques to address problems that exist in organising and shaping materials for music composition.

Selected Publications from the AOMR project

Code and Tutorials

AspectMusic source code
AspectMusic for Java Tutorial R2.pdf

PhD Thesis